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Who Is James Bird Guess

James had a childhood dream to become a professional basketball player. He studied Michael Jordan more than a preacher studies the bible; he failed! Homeless after high school and at rock bottom of his life, he discovered a success process called Grinding, in which a person creates success using passion, vision, strategy and perseverance.

What does speaker, author and trainer, James Bird Guess have in common with Nike Inc. founder and billionaire, Phil Knight, Carmex lip balm founder, Alfred Woelbing, and multi-millionaire financial guru, Dave Ramsey? They all started their businesses from the trunk of their car.

James started with $1,000, poor credit, and a dream to become a millionaire. He single-handedly built a quarter million dollar enterprise selling products from the trunk of his car, and shares his remarkable story in his best-selling book, How I Made a Quarter Million Dollar$ From the Trunk of My Car.

Deciding to pursue his passion more than profit, he became the Founder and President of International Success Academy, a leadership training and research company that trains managers and business leaders on employee motivation, authentic leadership, team building and inspiring the best performance out of employees.

Clients such as Sonic Inc, the U.S. Department of Energy, University of Texas at Dallas, and the Pittsburgh Micro-Business Institute know the value of James’ speaking and training experiences, which have boosted employee morale, improved team performance, increased business growth, and transformed people into leaders.

As an entrepreneur, author, speaker and trainer, James truly believes that passion, vision, and perseverance are the basic ingredients to achieving success and greatness. However, success and greatness are secondary to GOD, family, health, and happiness.

Grind for Greatness!
James “Bird” Guess

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How Can James Help You

As a speaker, trainer and consultant, James and his team of certified speakers and trainers can help you or your organization in the following ways:

• Keynote Speaking: James’ transformational speaking experiences inspire and equip audiences to overcome their obstacles, improve performance and make the impossible, possible.

• Management & Leadership Training: Lackluster leadership, disengaged unmotivated employees cost our nations organizations roughly $300 billion annually. James can help you develop a comprehensive people strategy that positively transforms your people and your organization.

• University/College Student & Staff Development: James has a unique ability to engage, entertain and inspire college students to become innovative leaders on campus and in the community. James can also provide educational leaders and staff with practical tools and techniques to effectively retain, motivate and effectively communicate with diverse students of all backgrounds.

• Small Business & Entrepreneur Development: As an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, best-selling author of the book, How I Made A Quarter Million Dollar$ From the Trunk of My Car, and successful boot-strapping entrepreneur, James can equip beginning entrepreneurs and seasoned small business owners to grow their business to greatness.

• Workforce Training: James and his team of Certified Training Consultants help workers obtain immediate employment and empower them with professional development skills that make them attractive to local employers. James specializes in workers who are economically disadvantaged, unemployed due to downsizing, or lack competitive job skills.

• Executive Coaching: James provides private training to senior-level leaders who want to make remarkable improvements in behavioral, performance and leadership areas.


1. Electrifying Speaker, Trainer & Consultant: James will immediately entertain, educate and empower your audience with expert insight, practical tools and take-away techniques that can be instantly applied to improve individual and team performance, boost employee morale, lead effectively, and increase business growth.

2. Transformational Experience: Your audience or team will leave feeling inspired, energized, equipped to change and perform their best.

3. Easy to Work With: As an experienced speaker, James can customize his message to directly impact your audience’s needs and your desired goals.

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